Tips For Taking Care Of Your Heart

We only get one heart in life and once it stops beating, we are pretty low on options.  Even though we have advanced medical procedures such as ascending aortic aneurysm in Hilton Head and other procedures, it is vital that we take care of our heart on a daily basis.

Eat a healthy diet

There is going to be a lot of news and information when it comes to diets.  It all comes together in one big mess at times.  However, there are some constants that you can follow in order to stay relatively healthy. 

Avoid fats

Fats are a big issue when it comes to our hearts.  Experts say that there are good fats and there are bad fats.  The fats found in meat are good.  However, the fats that we fry foods in is not good for us.  When it comes to fats you want and need them in your diet, however you will also want to limit your fat as much as possible. 

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Find your ideal weight

There is a lot of people saying the terms lose weight or go on diets.  These are all fad terms used in marketing in an attempt to get you to buy a new gadget or try a new product.  At the end of the day you need to look at your personal weight and your ability at that weight.  Of course, you want to have as little body fat on you as possible and you want to be able to be comfortable.  But if you are a few pounds overweight or if you gain or lose a pound here and there, it isn’t going to be the end of the world.  Learn what works for you and maintain it.

Consult your doctor

Finally, consult your doctor.  Make sure that they can examine you and determine where you are health wise.  From there, you can make a plan and start following what works for you.